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Sanyo Solar Panels
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Why you can rely on SANYO Photovoltaic Modules:

SANYO Photovoltaic Modules are highly efficient and produce more power per square meter than traditional products. This means that you will need fewer modules on your roof to accomplish very high performance.

SANYO Photovoltaic Modules provide many years of reliable operation.

 SANYO Photovoltaic Modules are based on decades of experience
and reference systems worldwide.

Samsung Solar Panels

Why Samsung

Excellence in Quality

  • Strict Quality control
  • World class manufacturing
  • On-time delivery and on-time reliability
  • Top notch, professional staff
  • More than 30 years of experience in LCD and semiconductor manufacturing
  • High power output and low degradation due to Samsung's proprietary cell technology
  • Global Research
  • Long-term commitment backed by financial strength
  • High customer satisfaction rating
  • Worldwide presence
EMMVEE Solar Panels

Why Emmvee?

One of the special features of EMMVEE modules is the 4mm thick front glass, which has a special surface pattern. This innovative material is supplied by Saint-Gobain Solar Glass, one of the leading manufacturers in Europe.

Securit® Albarino P and Securit® Albarino G glass modules consist of deeply textured, extra white cast glass and have been specially developed for photovoltaic modules. The special structures offer an increase in efficiency of at least 3% (for polycrystalline solar cells) in laminated modules.

Albarino P/G glass stands out by its low content of iron oxide which reduces the absorption of the radiation energy in the glass almost to zero. The angled pattern of the Albarino P/G glass reflects part of the light back inside the glass layer (light trap) This light is not lost to the environment, but incident on the solar cell. This results in a performance increase of 3% under standard test conditions


 Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp PV

As a pioneering solar specialist, Sharp’s research and development has  paved the way for groundbreaking progress in solar technology time and  again. Sharp is the world leader in solar cell production, with a  production capacity of 400 megawatts in 2005. Whether in satellites,  lighthouses, industrial applications, public buildings or apartment  blocks, our solar cells provide power everywhere. Every fourth  photovoltaic module installed in the world is produced by Sharp. In this way, we make a significant contribution to successfully establishing  solar energy world-wide.

Schletter PV Mounting Systems
Schletter mounting1

Why Schletter?

Being a experienced producer of professional solar mounting systems, Schletter offer different kinds of fastenings for photovoltaic modules.
Our systems combine optimum structural dimensioning, short mounting times,  economic efficiency and maximum durability at attractive prices. Schletter include a 10-year warranty on all their systems. All systems are produced  exclusively in Kirchdorf/Haag in Upper Bavaria.

The PV-mounting system by Schletter is a  modular unit-assembly system with universally applicable high-value  components (aluminum / high-grade steel) and enables installation of any  module in almost any mounting situation. The system consists of numerous system components that have been well-proven for many years and is invariably compatibly with newly developed components.  .

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